What we do

The Foursquare Global Council (GC) is a body of respected and distinctly elected international pastors and leaders who serve designated terms in an eldership capacity in behalf of our global Foursquare family. 

The purpose of the GC is to advance the Kingdom of Christ to reach the nations, bringing hope, salvation and restoration through intentional and proactive collaborative partnerships in a united vision as led by the Holy Spirit.

Comprised of the Regional Chairs from each of the denomination’s 15 regions across the world, the Council also includes those who are invited to serve in the capacity of advisors and/or non-voting members of the Global Council.

The early beginnings of this global connectedness began in the spring of 1982 as the First Global Leadership Conference was held at Lake Arrowhead, California. This event stirred the hearts through prayer and fellowship to aim for the higher call of a true international family in Christ. 

Other unifying conferences were held over the years, but the 2012 Global Summit in Phoenix, Arizona saw the fresh beginnings of a new season. Dr. Glenn Burris, Jr., the elected Chair of the Global Council, helped to lead the GC into an intentional future as the elders from the 15 regions took the divinely appointed call as a mandate of ministry for this generation. 

The mutual passion to nurture, train spiritually support and offer guidance when invited by the regions was expressed and framed through the establishing of Six Global Distinctives. Those and other values are following:

Foursquare Church

Global Distinctives and Values:

Kingdom Partenerchip

We will work alongside other Christians and churches. We will be a distinct movement, but will also hold a collegial spirit and maintain a helpful and cooperative posture with whom we can partner in mission.

Sound Doctrine

The Declaration of Faith of the Foursquare Church will guide our practice, church polity, and call of believers into the work of the Kingdom. It will be a biblical statement, apply to all members, and be the Declaration of Faith for all churches and all member nations. Its roots are deeply rooted in the sole source of spiritual authority – the Word of God.

Empowering Leadership

According to God’s gifting and calling, we will intentionally prepare and release men and women across generations and cultures into all positions of leadership and areas of ministry.

Family Relationships

We will relate to each other with love in our Global Family. We acknowledge that relationships are the heart of God’s Kingdom and will extend grace to fellow believers through ministry, cooperation and mutual submission in our global church.

Spirit Empowerment

As a Spirit-filled movement, we will consistently minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and teach and encourage believers to fully express the gifts of the Spirit in their daily lives. We totally submit ourselves in obedience to the Spirit’s use of our lives and His miraculous works in our day.

Shared Mission

We will focus our mission and ministry efforts on multiplying disciples, leaders, churches and national movements. Holding to God’s passion for the lost, we will seek a movement of evangelism, mercy ministries, contextualized church planting and mobilizing indigenous believers in ministry among all peoples.

Global council mission statement

To develop healthy, culturally, appropiate, reproducing, national church movement

Divinely Call





Other expressed value

The wonder of this Council is that it has begun to embrace the intrinsic value and giftedness in every nation and culture. Each brings a “diamond facet” element that helps reflect another’s worth. Laboring side-by-side the global Foursquare Church is experiencing a refreshing new unity that is building a solid, long-term commitment to press into all that it takes to stay connected. This is a journey; not a race! It is understood that true synergy and partnership grows out of mutual trust, and this takes time. There is no hurry; yet the GC will not delay to take the steps motivated by the voice of the Lord in our midst.
Since the Lord created each person in His image, as we are taught in His Word, there is no higher calling than to rise to the place of understanding that God—before the foundation of the world—knew us and longed for all (from every nation and culture) to know Him and to become everything that He intended us to be – “His own special people . . .” (1 Peter 2:9). The Global Council leadership believes that the Lord endows us with the heavenly perspective that we see others in that same light. When we do, we become passionate to reach the world with the hope of Christ!